Mason and Carson

We were so blessed when the pregnancy test was positive, even more excited when we found out they were twins. OVER THE MOON when we heard the ultrasound technician say IDENTICAL BOYS💙💙

IT was NOT easy at all since the beginning. I was diagnosed with HG, Hyperemesis gravidarum, and was constantly in and out of the hospital getting IVs,  At 20 weeks of gestation I went in for a normal ultrasound on Aug 6th, baby A’s heart was beating, but he was only getting blood flow when my heart was beating, not in between beats. The doctors told us that there was a possible surgery to laser the placenta and allow him to get better blood flow, they referred us to Tampa General hospital.

We had an 8:30 am appointment on Wednesday Aug 8th. We went down on Tuesday to make sure we would be on time. They did the ultrasound and the doctor told us right away about 10 mins in to the appointment, saying that baby A has passed. It happened so rapidly, going into the twin pregnancy the doctor told us TTTS could happen because they shared the same placenta, and that the percentage of it happening is about 10%, and that’s exactly what happened. My warrior baby, (baby B) was supplying him with blood this entire time.

Doctors said that the first 24-48 hours are the most crucial in Baby B surviving this, thankfully he made it through!! We went in for an ultrasound every week to watch the blood flow to the brain and through the umbilical cord. Every week was something different with my warrior. MCAS extremely high, which might require a blood transfusion. The doctors finally set up induction for me at 37 weeks because of the worry of the possible transfusion.

Induction was miserable, two long days of no progression. On December 8th, at 4:00am a nurse came in to physically take my Baby A out by hand, (I received the epidural because the pain was absolutely unbearable with her hands inside of me performing the procedure) It was the absolute most traumatic experience I have ever encountered in my life. Heartbreaking.

Once they removed my beautiful angel, my contractions were coming in full force. I quickly dilated and was soon ready to start pushing. After three long miserable hours of pushing, my AMAZING SURVIVOR MASON JESSE DAVIS WAS BORN INTO THIS WORLD at 1:03 pm December 8th 2018, weighing 6lbs 8oz. 19 inches long. WE are absolutely so blessed.

After my son was born a nurse came in to inform us we needed to pick a funeral home and arrangements for my angel son. I had never been so depressed and happy at the same time. In one arm I have my baby and in the other I am signing a death certificate for his brother. I sit back and think why me? Why us? Why? I will never understand. I will never forget. I am blessed. I am grateful. I carried my babies inside of me. We created a very special boy. We will cherish every moment.

To our Angel Baby A, Carson, it was and always will be a sweet pleasure to have shared your heartbeat with me those 5 months. We will never EVER forget you, and your brother will always have a piece of you with him.

Thank you for letting me share and taking the time to read our story. 💙 
Meg and Mark

Mason Jesse